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Network Ballistix

Offering Military Grade Protection

We are hard at work redesigning our website to offer our current and future customers with the most accurate information about our company and access to online services.

In the meantime, please browse this page for an overview of what we offer or feel free to reach out to us for more detailed information.

24/7 Network Guard & Isolation Software

Constantly watches for intruders that have crept through and keeps them from going anywhere else

Premium Hybrid Data Backup

Modern data protection that keeps information under lock and key in multiple places to quickly recreate lost or damaged data

Ballistix Firewall

Stop intrusions and attacks at the front door with military-grade hardware and software to keep them out

In an age of constant data theft, network intrusion, and never-ending ransomware attacks fixing PCs and running antivirus is no longer a viable plan. Having modern hardware and software is no longer enough either. 

Your network security has to be proactive – identifying possible system holes, failing devices, and daily updates of security information will keep you ahead of modern threats. 

Network Ballistix can provide a

Bulletproof Plan of Protection


Proactively Eliminate Vulnerabilities

Modern Networking and IT operations have to be maneuverable, changing directions at a moment’s notice.  The Cyber battleground is full of threats that are added daily and modern ransomware continuously changes to circumvent networking defenses. 

Our Performance packages allow us to change, update, and recalibrate our hardware and software in the field to match these new threats without the customer having to worry about it.  The cost of continually reassessing these tools and replacing or manipulating them allows us to turn on a dime without charging for new equipment. 

That’s proactive. That’s protection.

Who We Are

Network Ballistix is made up of folks that have worked in every facet of networking, software, and security and grew tired of not being able to provide the right kind of protection for customers and then charging them too much for it.

Having served in different branches of the U.S. Military, our employees understand the need for structure, adaptability, and developing long term relationships built on consistency and trust.

We want to protect your network, PCs, and assets and do so in a transparent way.  Educating our customers allows them to make the best decisions and understand the services they are getting. We believe in our service and think we can provide you with the best solutions at the best price. 

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